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Writer and Reader Comfort: tools to make writing and reading time easier. #amwriting #writinglife #reader #booklover #holidaygiftguide #christmasgift

I wrote this post in April but thought it could be helpful as people look for holiday gifts. Get these for the writers or readers in your life!

I was recently at a writer’s retreat where we spent a little time one evening sharing the tools we found to make our writing and reading time easier. People enthusiastically took pictures and made notes so they could grab these items – most under $40 – when they got home. I decided others might appreciate learning about some of these tools. I’ve also added a couple more of my own favorites. 

Writer and Reader Comfort 

This Adjustable Laptop Table inspired the whole conversation. The adjustable legs mean you can use it over your lap on the couch or you can turn a table into a standing desk. I ordered one immediately after coming home. (You can find a lot of other options if you prefer certain materials or styles, but note that some of them have a flat base rather than legs that can straddle a lap. Also, the width of the legs might not work for every lap size.)  

Here's a picture of the box that shows various configurations:

Next up, I got this Pillow Foam Stand Holder as a gift a couple of years ago and I love it. My mom loves hers too. It holds an e-reader, iPad or tablet at a nice angle for reading, so you don’t have to hold it in your hands and you don’t strain your neck as much as you would with it down in your lap. I keep mine on a pile of pillows on the couch to keep it at eye height. I like this royal blue color, but scroll down and you’ll see lots of options for different styles and designs, including some fun animal heads “for children” (but I won’t judge if you need a sloth, unicorn, or monster book holder for yourself)! 

If you prefer print books, you’ll be better off with a stand that has built-in clips to hold the pages flat when the book is open. I haven’t tried this LUXURISM Adjustable Book Stand, but it says it’s a cookbook holder, so it should work for most books and magazines. 

And if you do want to try an e-reader, I have the Amazon Fire HD 10 inch tablet. The battery lasts for many hours if it’s on airplane mode, I can take dozens of books with me when I travel, and I can adjust the font size to make it easier on my aging eyes. In addition, it’s often cheaper to buy e-books than print books, and you can get books from the library and have them delivered to your Kindle – no need to stop in to pick up your holds! 

Finally, this Electric Kettle might not seem like a “writing tool” but writers and readers who like a nice cup of tea will appreciate the speed and temperature accuracy of an electric kettle. They’re so inexpensive and really handy. This one comes in fun colors, but there are others that give you different temperature options, which might be best if you drink green, white, and oolong teas that should brew at different temperatures.

I hope you find something fabulous here that makes your life easier. I also have posts on “Comfort at Your Desk,” “Easing Neck Pain,” and possibly more as I discover useful tools for writers and readers! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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