Friday, November 27, 2020

Gifts for the writers in your life - or for you! #Holiday #writing guides #amwriting

Treat yourself to a writing guide - or get them for your writing friends and family! 
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You Can Write for Children: How to Write Great Stories, Articles, and Books for Kids and Teenagers

The paperback is $12.99, Kindle is $4.99, or you can read it for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I have two children’s picture books on my computer, and, after reading this book, I know what I need to do to make them better. 

This is a terrific resource book for anyone who has considered writing for children. Each chapter has a tip section as well as specific resources, concrete examples, and easy to understand explanation of terms and topics. Excellent book!

 A definite “winner” in the “how-to-write” book library.

Grab a copy for aspiring writers you know, or put it on your wish list!

If you know writers who write for either adults or children who need something more advanced, try Advanced Plotting. The paperback is only $9.99,
 Kindle is $4.99, or you can read it for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Advanced Plotting
is designed for the intermediate and advanced writer: you’ve finished a few manuscripts, read books and articles on writing, taken some classes, attended conferences. But you still struggle with plot, or suspect that your plotting needs work.

This really is helping me a lot. It’s written beautifully and to-the-point. The essays really help you zero in on your own problems in your manuscript. The Plot Outline Exercise is a great tool!

I just read and—dissected—your well written book: Advanced Plotting. It’s now highlighted in bright orange and littered with many of those little 3M sticky labels. GOOD JOB. There are too many just-for-beginners books out there. Yours was a delight.

Advanced Plotting is helping me to be more focused, to stop and ask the right questions, to dig deeper.

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Chris Eboch is the author of over 60 books for children, including nonfiction and fiction, early reader through teen. Her novels for ages nine and up include The Eyes of Pharaoh, a mystery in ancient Egypt; The Well of Sacrifice, a Mayan adventure used in many schools; The Genie’s Gift, a middle eastern fantasy; and the Haunted series, about kids who travel with a ghost hunter TV show, which starts with The Ghost on the StairsChris also writes for adults under the name Kris Bock.

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