Wednesday, June 14, 2023

To succeed in the business of writing, you must understand the market. K-lytics reports can help! #bookmarketing #publishingindustry #publishing #selfpublishing

Generally on this blog I’ve covered writing craft. (See the topics on the right-hand sidebar for those posts.) But to be successful in the business of writing, you have to understand the market too. K-lytics provides reports on subgenres of popular fiction. Digging deep into these can help you understand what is selling, so you know how to write novels that appeal to a large audience. Here are some of their recent reports on romance subgenres – plus sci-fi & fantasy and mystery, thrillers, and suspense. ($37 each or get access to all reports for $97 per month and download all those of interest!)

K-lytics Sci-fi & Fantasy Study: Get a map of all 176 Sci-Fi & Fantasy categories. Plus two Top-100 Market Snapshots bonus reports – one for Science Fiction and another for Fantasy. You will see the complete performance overview of the genre and the ScienceFiction & Fantasy categories with the most significant upward or downward trends. 

The seminar video examines the impact of Amazon's change in bestseller list display policy and their modification of the category selection.

K-lytics Clean & Wholesome Romance market report: In 2016, Amazon introduced the Clean & Wholesome Romance category, which quickly became a resounding success. "We have witnessed some significant shifts within the genre over the past nine months. THE CLEAN ROMANCE MARKET 2023 + Bonus Report on clean contemporary romance + 1-hour Seminar Video." 

K-lytics Paranormal Romance Seminar: A report and video for those writing steamy novels about vampires, shifters, werewolves, or the like. (Or if you'd like to get to know this genre.)

Paranormal Women's Fiction features powerful heroines kicking their midlife problems with sass, magic, mystery, and adventure. Learn which types of titles, covers, and themes sell!

The K-lytics Fantasy Romance Report: Romance is the #1 genre on Kindle. Now pair the heat and emotional depth w/fantastical world-building, innovative magic systems, and complex characters. Get the data now!

The K-lytics Romantic Comedy Report: Romantic Comedy, aka rom-com, is now the #2 highest-selling romance sub-category on Amazon! Learn all about it.

The Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Report: This genre has maintained its strong market position on Kindle as we entered 2023.

Kris Bock writes novels of mystery, suspense, and romance. In the Accidental Detective series, a witty journalist solves mysteries in Arizona and tackles the challenges of turning fifty. Kris’s Furrever Friends Sweet Romance series features the employees and customers at a cat café. In the Accidental Billionaire Cowboys series, a Texas ranching family wins a fortune in the lottery, which causes as many problems as it solves. Sign up for the Kris Bock Mystery and Romance newsletter and get a free Accidental Detective short story and bonus material, a free 30-page sweet romance set in the world of the Furrever Friends cat café, and a printable copy of the recipes mentioned in the cat café novels.

Kris also writes a series with her brother, scriptwriter Douglas J Eboch, who wrote the original screenplay for the movie Sweet Home Alabama. The Felony Melanie series follows the crazy antics of Melanie, Jake, and their friends a decade before the events of the movie. Sign up for the romantic comedy newsletter to get a short story preview, or find the books at Amazon US or All E-book retailers.

Kris has over 100 books for children published under the names Chris Eboch and M. M. Eboch. Her novels for ages nine and up include The Eyes of Pharaoh, a mystery in ancient Egypt; The Well of Sacrifice, a Mayan adventure used in many schools; and The Genie’s Gift, a middle eastern fantasy. Jesse Owens: Young Record Breaker and Milton Hershey: Young Chocolatier are inspiring biographies focused on them as children and young men.