Friday, March 11, 2011

The Great Critique, Plus Self-Publishing in the Future

Let's gear up for The Great Critique. Here's how you play:

To participate, become a follower of the blog, if you aren't already. (If for some reason you find it impossible to "follow" or subscribe to blogs, include a note to that effect with your submission.)
Post the opening of your novel, short story or picture book  in the comments -- up to 300 words.
Everyone who posts will get a brief critique. That's right, everyone!
One out of every 10 submissions will get a more thorough critique. That means the more people who play, the more critiques you'll see. So bring your friends and spread the word!
By posting your excerpt here, you agree to a public online critique. (Don't worry, I'll be nice as well as helpful.)
Please post only one excerpt per person.

I'll keep gathering submissions through the end of the month and start on critiques over the following month.

In other news, after publishing 12 books with traditional publishers, I'm exploring the brave new world of self-publishing through e-books and print on demand. If you follow publishing news at all, you'll hear lots of hype and almost as much panic about the self-publishing revolution. So I'm adding a new element to this blog: on Wednesdays, I'll cover the elements of self-publishing. I'll discuss why so many people, including professional writers, are turning to self-publishing; when you should -- and shouldn't -- consider self-publishing; the time, money, and skills involved in doing it right; and notes from my own journey, both the successes and failures.

Keep stopping by on Fridays for articles on the craft of writing, but swing by on Wednesdays as well, to learn more about new publishing options.

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  1. Yes, post your first pages in the comments here to join the critique.