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Cliffhangers: Keep the Pages Turning! A workshop for writers, via @SavvyAuthors #writing #amwriting #writerslife #writingworkshop

Cliffhangers: Keep the Pages Turning!  

A cliffhanger chapter ending can add impact to a dramatic scene and leave the reader desperate to find out what happens next. Learn how to identify your best cliffhanger moments and make them even more dramatic through pacing and paragraphing. Even when you have to end at a quieter moment, you can drive the story forward by leaving your character—and the reader—with a sense of anticipation or worry.

This online forum workshop runs April 1-15. Register by March 25th and save $5.

All types of writing can use cliffhanger chapter/scene endings. Learn how to:

· Focus on suspense, not surprise

· Slow the pace for a cliffhanger chapter endings

· Use sensory details with an emotional impact

· Cliffhangers work even in quiet moments

· Review your chapters and ask if you’re stopping in the right place

· Use short paragraphs and sentences for impact

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Her writing craft books include Advanced Plotting and You Can Write for Children: How to Write Great Stories, Articles, and Books for Kids and Teenagers.