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Writer and Reader Comfort: tools to make writing time easier (part 4) #amwriting #writinglife #reader #booklover

If you are a writer – or if you work at any job that keeps you at a desk all day – you may be dealing with pain in the spine. I’ve been collecting and sharing items my writer friends and I use for managing, soothing, or eliminating that pain.

My friend Teresa says, "I can work only at a table—doesn’t have to be big but it must be a table which makes the laptop monitor low and that hurts my neck… so for at least eight years I’ve used a roost laptop holder—collapses down to about four 12 inch sticks stuck together, comes with a small bag carrying case." This Roost Laptop Stand is well rated, but you can also find cheaper versions, and I think the  Adjustable Laptop Table I mentioned a previous post would also work for this.

Meanwhile, my friend Kimberly has been dealing with severe hip pain. She says, “I bought a Naipo hand-held electric cord massager about 5 years ago that really helps if I use it for at least 10 minutes, the tight muscles will relax enough so that I can sleep.” I didn’t find the Naipo, but Amazon has tons of Massage Guns at various prices. Be sure to check out the reviews! Kimberly recommends using a heating pad to warm your muscles before using the massager.

Siting at a desk can contribute to Circulation Problems While Working, as this article shows. Be sure you get up and move every hour! You might also find some ways to reduce the strain on your body at your desk.

Standing desks let you switch between standing and sitting without even leaving your desk. You can schedule an alarm to remind you to switch – or do some stretches. While there are very expensive options, some of these are around $100.

If you’re standing while you work, you probably want an Anti-Fatigue Mat. These help cushion your feet to reduce foot and joint pain. They’re good if you do a lot of standing in the kitchen as well! They come in several designs and some fun styles. 

You can also try changing your chair. I mentioned some options in this post, but you might try a kneeling chair, balance ball chair, or ergonomic stool for “active sitting,” which engages your muscles more to promote core muscle strength, good posture, and blood circulation. Here are some Active Sitting Chair options.

Teresa also recommended the Desk Cycle Ellipse, which sits under your desk so you can peddle while you work. What a great way to burn calories, build up leg strength, and keep your blood moving! It has great reviews, with almost 1800 ratings and a 4.7-star average.

I hope you find something here that makes your life easier. Check out the posts on “Writer and Reader Comfort” and  “Comfort at Your Desk” as well. I may have more as I discover useful tools for writers and readers! Feel free to drop your favorites in the comments. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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