Wednesday, December 7, 2016

WriteOnCon is Back! Join This Great Online Writing Conference for $5

I’ll be one of over 100 presenters at the Write on Conference. It’s incredibly cheap (as low as $1 but I recommend the $5 option), and you attend from the comfort of your own home! The conference will be hosted through the WriteOnCon website.

Here’s how the organizers explain the conference:

“WriteOnCon is a children’s literature conference for writers. When you’re trying to improve your writing craft or hoping to get published, conferences are a must on anyone’s list – but they can be stressful and expensive. Our goal is to provide a conference experience that’s easy, fun, and affordable. We encourage you to get involved, improve your writing, and connect to the kidlit community – all from the comfort of your own home.”

“December 15 is the last day for the WriteOnCon Indiegogo campaign. After this date admission will be available through our website but prices will go up (by just $1! but it’s still worth signing up now), and – more importantly – all of the critique perks will no longer be available.” (You can get query, picture book, or first pages critiques from published authors, editors and agents, for $20-$65, with some more expensive options for full manuscript critiques and other items.) “Also, everyone who signs up during the IGG campaign will be entered into a raffle to win one of two query critiques, a personal video call with an agent, or one of several ARCs for fabulous books releasing next year.”

They also offer “Ninja Agents” – you can post your query letter or writing sample in the forums, agents will stop by, and they may leave feedback – or even request the manuscript!

Here is the link to the IGG campaign, including critique perks:

The schedule is almost finalized. It includes Q&A sessions with authors, editors, and agents, live pitch sessions, panel discussions, and more. In addition, blogs and vlogs will offer additional information. Check out the entire schedule.

Follow @WriteOnCon on Twitter for updates.

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