Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#Holiday Gift Guide: Picture Books for Children #KidLit

Picture Books for Young Children

If you have young readers – or pre-readers – on your shopping list, consider some of these adorable picture books from Lori Mortensen:

Cindy Moo
One night on the farm, the cows overhear a fantastic tale. “Hey Diddle Diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon!” Inspired by this classic rhyme, a plucky cow named Cindy Moo sets out to prove that cows really can leap over the moon. The other cows laugh, but that doesn’t stop Cindy Moo from trying night after night. Could a cow really jump over the moon? This delightfully silly picture book will have readers of all ages cheering for its determined heroine.

Cowpoke Clyde and Dirty Dawg
What’s Cowpoke Clyde to do with Dawg, covered in mud and not smellin’ so sweet? Pop him in the tub of course! But Dawg will have none of it, setting off a commotion that has all the critters on the ranch dashing every which way to stay out of range. It’s not till Clyde is ready to throw in the towel, that he discovers the secret to bathing Dawg. Rollicking verse with page-turn surprises makes this uproarious tall tale a rootin’ tootin’ read-aloud.

Cowpoke Clyde Rides the Range
Cowpoke Clyde learns to ride a bike in a story of perseverance and friendship, with plenty of Western flair and a big dollop of humor.

Mousequerade Ball
Counting up to ten and back again, dancing all the while, this delightful story invites readers--and dancers--to the event of the season: The Mousequerade Ball!

Chicken Lily
Chicken Lily may be a lot of things--a careful colorer, a patient puzzler, and a quiet hide-and-seeker (she never makes a peep!)--but brave is not one of them. When her teacher, Mrs. Lop, plans a school-wide poetry jam, Lily is terrified. She doesn’t want to stand in front of everyone and sound like a bird brain! With encouragement from her friends  Baabette and Pigsley, Lily decides to hatch a plan. Can she put her best claw forward and prove that even chickens aren’t chicken all the time?

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Or here’s a fun picture book from Amy Houts:

What Do Moms Do?
In this picture book, charming illustrations by award-winning artist, Lisa Thiesing, tell the story of a newly-hatched duckling who asks her friends, “What do moms do?” Using humor in everyday situations, animals describe how mothers show their love. Perfect for bedtime or anytime a soothing story is desired. Available in paper book or as an ebook for $2.99.

See all of Amy Hout’s books at her website or on Amazon.

Do you want to share some nature nonfiction instead? Here’s another title from Lori Mortensen:

In the Trees, Honey Bees!
Peek inside this tree and see a wild colony of honey bees. It hums with life. Look at the thousands of worker bees--each one doing her job. Some are making wax. Some are feeding the hungry brood. Some are storing sweet honey. Look at all the combs, filled with honey and pollen! And there’s the queen, laying eggs. It’s all very organized, like a  smoothly running town. A honey bee colony is a remarkable place, and you will never look at bees in the same way again

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Or try this one from Cindy Trumbore:

Prairie Dog Song, co-written with and illustrated by collage artist Susan L. Roth, has received three starred reviews and was a Junior Library Guild selection. Aimed at children in grades 1-4, it tells the history of the prairie dog and its role as a key species in the North American grasslands ecosystem. The text is a combination of a song to the tune of “The Green Grass Grew All Around,” with fact boxes giving more information about each spread. The music is at the back of the book and is available as a free download from the publisher’s website.  

Find this title at Amazon or learn more about Cindy’s books at her website.

Finally, the following is Fun for All Ages!

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Starring The Chickens

Chickens peck. Chickens peep. Chickens do not take over Halloween. Or do they? In this world upside-down story for all chicken lovers, silliness and a clucking good time leads to a surprise. (The Chickens previously starred in Chickens Do Not Take Over Halloween.)

Visit Molly’s website or her see all her books at Amazon.

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