Monday, March 7, 2016

Resources for Diversity in Children's Literature

I'm preparing for an SCBWI Shop Talk on diversity in children's literature. This is the list of "Resources for Diversity" I developed. It is certainly not all-inclusive, but it has places to start. I'm posting it here so that people who attend the talk have live links all in one place. And anyone else is certainly welcome to browse or share!

Resources for Diversity:

Chris Eboch’s blog post has links to all of the sites below: 

SCBWI has a page of Diversity Resources including blogs and websites, awards, organizations and articles:

SCBWI also has grants to promote diversity and children’s books:

The Children’s Book Council CBC Diversity shares news encouraging diversity of race, gender, geographical region, sexual orientation, and class: 

Cynthia Leitich Smith’s blog often touches on diversity or links to articles about it. Her Exploring Diversity page links to book lists about many religions/races, with relevant interviews: 

Multiculturalism Rocks! is a blog celebrating multiculturalism in children’s literature, with many useful links: 

We Need Diverse Books promotes changes in the publishing industry to produce literature that reflects all young people: 

Disability in Kidlit examines the portrayal of disability: 

Author Lee Wind’s blog lists books with gay teen characters or themes, interviews with agents seeking diverse stories, videos on gender identity, and more: 

DiversifYA “is a collection of interviews that allows us to share our stories, all of us. All sorts of diversity and all marginalized experiences.” 

Reading While White, a blog by librarians, has interesting blog posts on children's lit subjects, and a page of "Resources for Further Research":

This post on the SCBWI blog links to articles regarding A Birthday Cake For George Washington:

Mitali Perkins often touches on diversity subjects on her blog: 
A particularly valuable post is “The Danger of a Single Story, Once Again”:

“You Will Be Tokenized”: Speaking Out About the State of Diversity in Publishing by Molly McArdle has voices from the front lines: 

“We’ve Been Out Here Working”: Diversity in Publishing, a Partial Reading List has many links on the subject: 

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