Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I Turned to Self-Publishing--and How It's Working

I’m on Darcy Pattison’s blog today, discussing “Dodging Trends: Why I Turned to Self-Publishing.” An excerpt:

“If a book is good enough, it will find a home.” I’ve heard that a lot in the publishing industry, especially from editors and agents.

There’s just one problem. It’s not true.

Stop by to see the whole piece. While you’re there, see her other guest posts on Alternate Publishing, including Joni Sensel on using POD to Finish a Series. Here’s the basic blog link. Be sure to poke around—Darcy has lots of useful info!

And an update—I’ve now sold 51 copies of The Eyes of Pharaoh so far in February.

I’ve sold about 70 copies of Advanced Plotting so far, but since that book has a higher profit margin, I’ve made as much from Advanced Plotting as from The Eyes of Pharaoh.

I’m not getting rich (yet! I can always hope!) but I made over $200 in direct deposits in this month's Amazon POD and e-book sales. Of course, part of that is from my mother’s new cozy mystery, Murder on the West Glacier Trail, which I set up on my account, but it shows that indie books can sell.

If Kate Foland had known how her bed and breakfast guest would change her life, she might have left her at the airport.

When Kate’s guest is shot to death while hiking in the Alaskan woods, Kate feels compelled to investigate. Sandra Allison seemed like a perfectly nice young woman. So who would want her dead?

Murder on the West Glacier Trail is available in print or e-book, on Amazon or Barnes & Noble

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